It’s official… Spring is here! Healthy smiles start with a healthy body!

As the days get warmer and outside activities increase be aware of all the kiddos out and about in our community.

Just like every smile is different, so is every child.

April is National Autism Awareness Month!

Help us celebrate the differences in every precious child.

Autism affects everyone differently. These kids usually have difficulty with social skills and have a wide range of communication levels. Some also have sensory issues, or hearing and vision problems. Autism can present different from person to person. Regardless of differences, everyone enjoys the same activities on a gorgeous spring day: leisurely walks, riding bikes on the miles of trails, playing in the parks and just exploring the beauty of our community.

Keep a watch out for these special children while you’re out and about. Let’s keep every child in our community safe.

Go to the Autism Society for Ways to Connect with others, to Support Education, or Advocate for Research, and to Assist Families Living with Autism.

Contact our office if you would like more information.

#CelebrateDifference for Autism Acceptance