New Patients Lansdowne VA

Welcome to Lansdowne Oral Surgery & Chantilly Oral Surgery

Your initial appointment will consist of a consultation explaining your diagnosis and treatment options. All medical history will be reviewed and your treatment plan will be presented. Please bring your calendar with you so you can schedule your return date for surgery if you are planning on sedation. Some cases can be performed the same day under local anesthetic.

To help expedite the check-in process, please use the ‘Patient Registration‘ for a quick on-line registration at the bottom of the Patient Information Tab. If you have any questions please call us at our Lansdowne office Lansdowne Office Phone Number 703-723-7858 or Chantilly office Chantilly Office Phone Number 703-668-9494.

Please assist us by providing the following information at the time of your consultation:

  • Your surgical referral slip and x-rays if applicable.
  • X-rays must be less than 6 months old.
  • A list of medications you are presently taking.
  • If you have medical or dental insurance, please bring your cards. This will save time and allow us to help you process any claims.
  • Bring photo identification.
  • Fill out the online Patient Registration Forms.

IMPORTANT: All patients under the age of 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for all visits (including surgery and post operative visits.) Regardless of who is the policy holder for the insurance, the parent or guardian present will be responsible for any amounts owed. Coordination of payments between divorced parents must be made prior to your visit.

Adult children (patients over the age of 18 and still on parent’s insurance and/or living at home) are responsible for all amounts owed. Please bring an appropriate payment method to your appointment. Parents are encouraged to attend the consultation if they have any questions or concerns they want to ask the doctor or staff.

A pre-operative consultation and physical examination is mandatory for patients undergoing anesthesia for surgery. You will be scheduled a separate consultation appointment prior to scheduling surgery. The day of surgery, please make sure you have nothing to eat or drink eight hours prior to your surgery. You will also need an adult to drive you to your appointment, stay in the waiting room during the procedure, and drive you home after.

Please alert the office if you have a medical condition that may be of concern prior to surgery (i.e., diabetes, high blood pressure, artificial heart valves and joints, rheumatic fever, etc.) or if you are currently taking any medication (i.e., heart medications, aspirin, anticoagulant therapy, etc.).


It is our office policy to obtain Social Security Numbers. You have the right to refuse to provide this required information, however, you will be responsible for paying all balances in full at the time services are rendered. Also, you will be responsible for filing any insurance claims on your own for reimbursement. Lansdowne Oral Surgery & Chantilly Oral Surgery will provide you with a second receipt to assist in obtaining a refund directly from your insurance company.

In the absence of social security numbers, personal/business checks and credit cards will not be accepted as a form of payment for today or for future services. Cash will be required for all payments. Banks/ATM Machines are conveniently located within walking distance from each office.


If your dentist or physician has taken x-rays, you may request that they forward them to our office.In order for x-rays to be of current diagnostic quality, they must be less than 6 months old. Please check to make sure you have current x-rays before your appointment. If there is not enough time have them sent to us, please pick them up and bring them with you. If additional films are necessary, they can be taken at our facility. Please come in a few minutes early so our trained staff can take x-rays.

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