After Implant Placement

What Can I Use For Teeth While The Implants Heal?

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During the healing process you will be asked to follow up with our offices for 2-4 post-op appointments. These follow-up appointments may consist of evaluation, suture removal, and X-rays.

After 4 months you will return to our office to test the implant. This can be done in one of two ways. If a healing collar was placed on during surgery, then there will be a metal button that sticks out from the gum tissue. This allows direct access to test the implant with no surgery. Patients can see their doctor immediately for impressions.

If the implant was kept under the gum tissue to heal, then a small incision will be made to screw on the healing collar and test the implant. Patients who have this procedure done should wait 2 weeks before seeing their dentist for impressions.

Your general dentist with send the impressions to the lab to make the crown. Some dentists can make the crown in their offices. The crown will screw into the implant and the process is complete.

As with natural teeth, it is important that you clean implant-supported restorations regularly with toothbrushes, floss, and any other recommended aids such as mouthwash and most importantly a Waterpik flosser. You should also visit your dentist several times each year for hygiene and maintenance.

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