Lansdowne & Chantilly Oral Surgeon, Dr. Barry Maharaj

Dr. Barry Maharaj

Born in the Caribbean and now living in Loudoun County with his wife and three sons, “Dr. Barry” as he is affectionately called attended Howard University College of Dentistry in Washington DC for both his undergraduate Dental and graduate Oral and Maxillofacial Specialty training.

A true believer that patients come first, Dr. Maharaj devotes his time to training staff for emergency scenarios and to pass their Dental Anesthesia National Certification Exam. These facilitate the absolute best care and safety for his patients.

Dr. Maharaj practices a wide scope of oral and maxillofacial procedures including wisdom teeth removal, oral pathology, bone grafting, dental implants, and facial trauma. He is comedic, inviting and caring.

Dr. Barry enjoys playing golf, swimming, dancing and traveling with his family to locations all over the world. Visiting his parents back home in Trinidad is his favorite destination.

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